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Melbourne, Australia

CommandPost extends and accelerates the function of post-production software. Currently focusing on Final Cut Pro X, it adds support for custom keyboard shortcuts, hardware controller support, watch folders, and more.

Created by Chris Hocking as "FCPX Hacks" (read the origin story here), it morphed into CommandPost with the aid of David Peterson.

Why Sponsor?

Chris and David work in post-production, and our bills get paid by that work. As such, CommandPost work gets done in our spare time, which means it happens slower than we'd like.

Sponsorship will enable us to prioritise more time towards CommandPost development, letting us add new features, improve efficiency and reliability, and add new software and hardware support.


At the moment, we are focused on Final Cut Pro X, largely because it's what we use most often day-to-day. And there is plenty to keep us busy there already. If we can get sufficient sponsorship, it will give us the opportunity to expand CommandPost into new areas.

Here's what we'd love to be doing:

  • Fixing existing bugs
  • Improving performance
  • Adding new features, such as macros and a public plugin repository
  • Adding new app support, such as Apple Motion, DaVinci Resolve, Adobe apps, etc.
  • Adding new hardware support
  • Improve the user documentation
  • Produce some tutorials
  • Produce more detailed and accessible developer documentation
  • Continue to document and write about Final Cut Pro experiments in The Lab

If you find CommandPost to be of value, join our Facebook Group and let us know your thoughts, bug reports, ideas, etc. And if you think it's worth it, your sponsorship will help us to make CommandPost even better!


Each release thousands of people download CommandPost. It would be amazing if a small portion of these users could become monthly CommandPost Sponsors, so that we can continue to add exciting new features more often!

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