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CommandPost User Guide

CommandPost is a free and open source Mac application that adds a mountain-load of new features to Apple’s Final Cut Pro. It originally started off as a little proof of concept project to make finding the browser playhead easier for Scott Simmons (you can read the origin story here) – but has since grown into a huge collection of handy professional workflow tools and automation features to make editing within Final Cut Pro faster, easier and much more powerful.

The aim of CommandPost is to build an open platform where editors worldwide can easily create and share useful tools to make their editing lives easier - allowing them to spend less time worrying about keystrokes, and more time doing creative things. We want to remove boring workflow obstacles so that everyone can get home earlier and spend less time in front of a computer. CommandPost is not limited to Final Cut Pro - the plan is to eventually add useful functionality for a range of other professional applications, such as Adobe After Effects and mocha Pro.

We hope you enjoy reading this user guide! If you have any ideas, comments or suggestions, please don't hesitate to leave a comment on GitHub.


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