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At Enova, the “Best Answer Wins”. Discover why GitHub Enterprise was the best answer for their innovative engineering teams.

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Financial services
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Chicago, IL

A pioneer in financial technology, Chicago-based Enova International has more than 1,200 employees who have worked to provide the company’s 4 million customers worldwide with access to more than $17 billion in loans and financing.

An innovator in its industry, Enova is one of the largest commercial users of Ruby on Rails in the U.S. With a growing codebase and a technical team of more than 200, the company needed tools that better supported collaboration and integration, explained Griffin Caprio, Director of Engineering at Enova.

We were using Perforce and finding it difficult to keep branches up to date, Griffin explained. We started thinking about moving to a tool that would work with us rather than against us. The idea to evaluate GitHub came up quite organically.

Enova employees

One of Enova’s core values is Best Answer Wins, and so the company regularly acts on ideas surfaced by employees at all levels (perhaps part of why it was one of ComputerWorld’s top companies to work for in 2015). It was no different when it came to exploring the idea to use GitHub Enterprise, which was driven by some of its engineers. We have several engineers who actively contribute to open source. They shared their positive experiences with GitHub and, coupled with the security that GitHub Enterprise delivers, our leadership team decided to move forward, Griffin told us.

Griffin credits the Enova IT team and support from GitHub with a seamless transition from Perforce to GitHub Enterprise. For the software engineers, it felt like it was just off one day and on the next, he explained. Enova uses TravisCI with GitHub Enterprise for continuous integration, as well as JIRA for issue tracking and HipChat for team communication.

When you open source a project it encourages conversations and idea sharing that will help let the daylight in and spur innovation.

Enova is one of an increasing number of companies that uses GitHub Enterprise to host its proprietary code, while also hosting and contributing to open source projects on One project Enova recently open sourced gives technology leaders a starting place for creating structured advancement journeys (or career ladders) for their organization’s engineers. Griffin said, When you open source a project it encourages conversations and idea sharing that will help let the daylight in and spur innovation.

Since moving to GitHub Enterprise, Griffin says, Our teams are now traveling lighter. We’re not carrying around code that isn’t useful, code reviews are better, and we generally work better together. We’re also seeing more employees learn to use Git and GitHub because it helps them stay connected to what’s going on. Pull requests make the world go ‘round.’

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