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Fonts for Homebrew on Linux

homebrew-linux-fonts is a Homebrew Tap which allows you to use the same friendly Homebrew-style CLI workflow for the administration of binary font files on your Linux. It is a fork of homebrew-cask-fonts, since Homebrew Casks are only for macOS.


These fonts are installable with Homebrew. Once installed, you can configure this repo as a source for fonts.

Note that this repo differs from the upstream repository, homebrew/homebrew-cask-fonts. The set of fonts available may not match exactly. Changes to upstream eventually propagate to this repo.

Let’s try it!

$ brew tap homebrew/linux-fonts          # you only have to do this once!
$ brew install font-inconsolata --HEAD

Working with fontconfig

If you're using major distributions in a single-user installation, run:

$ ln -s /home/linuxbrew/.linuxbrew/share/fonts -t ~/.local/share
$ fc-cache -fv

For a multi-user installation, you must use sudo to run the commands:

$ sudo ln -s /home/linuxbrew/.linuxbrew/share/fonts -t /usr/local/share
$ sudo fc-cache -fv

Then you can use the new font installed by brew.


Submitting a Font Cask and Bugs

This repository automatically imports new font casks from the upstream repository with a bot program, so changes there will propagate to this repository automatically eventually.

Skipping translations by .caskignore

Some casks are incompatible with formula definition method. cask2formula will skip translation for files listed in .caskignore. .caskignore is written in Ruby's fnmatch syntax.

Font Licenses

This repository follows homebrew-cask-fonts's policy regarding font licenses:

homebrew-cask-fonts will only accept fonts which are freely-distributable. However, even freely-distributable fonts may have limitations (for instance, if you use them in a commercial enterprise). It is the responsibility of the user to know and respect the license of each font.



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